HNL JIU JITSU kids programs

Kids Jiu Jitsu is a fun physical and mental exercise for your child. Through this exciting, dynamic training, children gain critical skills that enable them to feel comfortable in their ability to defend themselves nonviolently, should the need ever arise. But jiu jitsu is more than just a self-defense art. It helps children develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, mental toughness and grit to persevere through life's biggest challenges, and increases their self-discipline, while fostering positive lifestyle habits that will benefit them throughout their long lives.



Serving an age range of 6-9, Kids 1 introduces younger students to jiu jitsu helping them learn good sportsmanship, gain self-confidence and self-control, and above all, have fun!



Serving an age range of 10-16, Kids 2 utilizes a progressive curriculum and teaching approach that allows students to gain a solid foundation in basic skills building up to more advanced techniques as they progress in their training.